Double blade Bats Grade 1 kashmir willow

(36 customer reviews)

Double blade Bats Grade 1 kashmir willow
HEIGHT:- 35 inch
WEIGHT:- 900-950 gm (just for single blade bats)
950-1050-1100 gm (for all other bats)
Well balanced Profile
Pure Kashmir Willow Bats
With Singapore full cane handle
Hard punch tennis cricket bats
Finest wood with the finest quality
Extra comfortable pro player grips with every bat
Single blade edge thickness 40-42 mm
Edge thickness – 48-50 mm

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Double blade Bats Grade 1 kashmir willow


Based on 36 reviews

4.6 overall

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  1. Vijay

    Super quality product and nice to play with.


  2. Pankaj Suryawanshi

    Best quality bat and good to play with.

    Pankaj Suryawanshi

  3. Kundan Bamania

    Nice product and easy to handle.

    Kundan Bamania

  4. Kundan Bamania

    This company is nice and this bat also very nice.

    Kundan Bamania

  5. Sandeep kumar

    Nice bat for my choice

    Sandeep kumar

  6. Mehak

    I like the quality of this bat😊😎😎


  7. Mehak

    Now I need this bat to play. This is just amazing quality product I needed


  8. Sai kumar

    Great quality product and fine to play with.

    Sai kumar

  9. Shyam Panda

    This is awesome quality bat and in affordable price.

    Shyam Panda

  10. Shyam Panda

    Awesome quality bat and with amazing grip.

    Shyam Panda

  11. Vishal Agre

    Great quality bat with fine grip.

    Vishal Agre

  12. Nitish Kumar jha

    Good bat for playing.

    Nitish Kumar jha

  13. Harishkumar

    I am satisfied with the product and love the bat


  14. Harish Valmiki

    Fine quality bat and fine edge too.

    Harish Valmiki

  15. Rahul thakur

    Bat is amazing quality and love to play with.

    Rahul thakur

  16. Pawan kumar

    The quality is okay and the product is also fine.

    Pawan kumar

  17. Sai jeshwanth

    Bat was nice 🙂

    Sai jeshwanth

  18. Akash machale

    Good quality bat with affordable price.

    Akash machale

  19. Vaibhav yogesh mule

    Good quality bat with a great design.

    Vaibhav yogesh mule

  20. Deva

    Good quality bat and easy to handle.


  21. Syed saleem

    amazing bat and good for playing.

    Syed saleem


    good quality wood of the bat and great to play with.


  23. Abhishek negi

    Nice quality bat with great design

    Abhishek negi

  24. Shivaraj

    Super quality bat and easy to handle.


  25. Aezazkhan pathan

    Nice bat and good quality.

    Aezazkhan pathan

  26. Arun Kumar Singh

    Good and fine quality. I would suggest to every sports person.

    Arun Kumar Singh

  27. Ajay Kumar

    amazing quality bat product.

    Ajay Kumar

  28. Sohel sayyad

    Good quality bat for hitting.

    Sohel sayyad

  29. Mohit singh

    Nice quality bat and great design.

    Mohit singh

  30. Rocky mewal DAUSA

    77Sports has great products specially cricket bats are simply amazing.

    Rocky mewal DAUSA

  31. Prabhakar Nalla

    Double blade bat is simply amazing.

    Prabhakar Nalla

  32. Jitendra sahu

    Good quality bat and easy to handle.

    Jitendra sahu

  33. Nibin

    Superb bat and also love the product.


  34. Happy kumar

    good quality product and nice bat.

    Happy kumar

  35. Surya Pratap Singh rawal

    Excellent bat . I have been using it since 3 months and still it is as strong as it was on day 1.. worth of each and every penny..

    Surya Pratap Singh rawal

  36. Pranu Sharma

    Good quality bat, I am been using it since 8 months and is still going good. I would suggest this bat to every sports person.

    Pranu Sharma